Friday, 18 January 2008


VALIS (acronym of Vast Active Living Intelligence System from an American film): A perturbation in the reality field in which a spontaneous self-monitoring negentropic vortex is formed, tending progressively to subsume and incorporate its environment into arrangements of information. Characterized by quasi-consciousness, purpose, intelligence, growth and an armillary coherence.

- Great Soviet Dictionary, Sixth Edition 1992

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max said...

Hello mate,

hope you get this - my resonance email has fucked up...

rob and I will be at the venue at about 7.30, we'll meet you by the front entrance at 7.30, if i still have not met you by the time mayhem are going to play I will leave your ticket at the front with the boxoffice or whatever they have there.

If you can ring me that'd be great - i have left my number in your solar winds email - you could one bell me on a pay phone an I will call you back.

Sorry about the communication break down...